April 28, 2019

Include Bonpet Liquid to your Traditional Sprinkler System

Tests have proven that mixing only 6% of Bonpet Liquid with water will increase fire performance by 2000%. This means that 20 times less consumption of […]
May 5, 2019

Bonpet Unique Properties

WHY — USE BONPET LIQUID AND NOT OTHER EXTINGUISHING AGENTS?   ·      Suitable for ALL Fire Classes A,B,C,E,F ·      Prevents Fire from Re-ignition ·      Human & […]
May 19, 2019

Bonpet Trailer

Due to it’s size and mobility it is a perfect solution for extinguishing outdoor and indoor fires in docks, airports,chemical factories, electrical substations, all kinds of […]
May 28, 2019

Automatic Ceiling Fire Extinguisher Installations

Bonpet automatic ceiling extinguishers are your reliable solution to protect your assets from fire risks; especially in Boiler rooms, engine & generator rooms, transformers, varnishing facilities […]