Water Mist Fire Protection System

A high-performance Water Mist Fire Protection System filled with the Bonpet fire extinguishing liquid and designed to protect industrial and utility facilities mainly in Server rooms and Data Centers, this will put out Class A (Solid combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquids), Class C (Flammable gas) and Class E (Energized electrical equipment) fires.

Technical characteristics

The system modules come in 50-litre and 100-liter versions. Thanks to their ability to spray in different directions, and to the effectiveness of the extinguishing agent, these units can protect large areas (up to 480 m2 per module), while they have a footprint of just 1 m2. Stationary modular units can be installed inside or outside the protected premises.

Specifications (PDF)

Suitable for :

Servers & Data Center

Public amenities

Industrial facilities

Engineering facilities


Unlike conventional water-based fire extinguishing units, with a Bonpet modular unit the pipes are not filled with water, so are not subject to corrosion and remain in good condition throughout the service life of the unit. If required, several stationary units can be combined into one system with a single pipeline. They can be activated manually, remotely, or by a signal from a fire alarm system. Bonpet modular units come in regular and explosion-proof versions, for use in underground mines and shafts and their surface facilities, and in hazardous gas and/or dust and explosive environments.

How it works

When the unit receives an activation command, the pressure of the gas forces the extinguishing agent into the pipe, and it is then sprayed at the protected room. If the unit is protecting several separate rooms simultaneously, the agent initially goes to a manifold with valves. From there, it goes to the appropriate room via a valve opened by the fire alarm signal. There, the agent is atomized by special nozzles capable of creating droplets with a diameter of 150 microns or less. As a result, the Bonpet wet chemical agent not only puts out fires effectively but also suppresses smoke and carbon monoxide produced by them.