Made by a unique formula.

Bonpet liquid is a water solution of inorganic salts and organic compounds. Contact of a water solution and a fire causes, that the energy from a fire is used to heat and evaporate water and for endothermic decomposition of chemicals added in fire extinguisher.

Why is Bonpet Liquid better than Powder or Foam?

  • Unlike Foam and Powder Extinguishers Bonpet Liquid is Human & Environment-friendly
  • Bonpet Liquid does not cause damage to Electronics and Electric Switch Boards during activation; because its remaining components after fire are decomposed, therefore no cleaning is needed
  • Unlike Powder and Foam extinguishers Bonpet Liquid Prevents fire from Re-Igniting due to its instantaneous Cooling Effect and eliminates fire smoke
  • Bonpet Liquid is certified to be used against fires of classes (A,B,C,E) and cooking Oil fires class (F); which is not the case with Foam and Powder

Compared to a CO2 extinguisher

Unlike any gas extinguisher, Bonpet liquid does not have to fill up the whole room in order to extinguish the fire; just a thin layer of few millimeters above the burned surface is enough.
While decomposing endothermically, Bonpet liquid absorbs 10 times more energy from the burning surface than gas would. Extinguishing a fire with a gas can cause re-ignition if the gas runs off too quickly.

Compared to a Water extinguisher

Tests have proven that mixing only 6% of Bonpet Liquid with water will increase fire performance by 2000%. This means that 20 times less consumption water is needed and the collateral damage caused by a fire is smaller when extinguishing with Bonpet liquid.

Bonpet liquid prevents fire from re-ignition and eliminates fire smoke

Non-decomposed components of Bonpet liquid that remain on the surface after the fire has been extinguished, have the ability to disintegrate and cool the surface if there is a slight increase in temperature.