Portable Extinguishers

Most effective portable fire extinguisher worldwide; its fire rating exceeds at least the performance of 5 extinguishers from other kinds

Bonpet Portable Extinguisher is used for extinguishing initial fires, especially for extinguishing burning fats and oils in restaurants, kitchens, vehicles, engine rooms, workshops, factories, warehouses.

Suitable for :

Home, Apartment

Any type of transport

Public amenities

Industrial facilities

Engineering facilities


Specifications (PDF)


  • Manual usage
  • Usable everywhere
  • Approved by Civil Defense
  • 10 years product life expectancy
  • Certified by MPA DRESDEN / Germany
  • Minimal fire extinguishing ability for 2 liters (8A, 55B, 25F)
  • Minimal fire extinguishing ability for 6 liters (27A, 144B, 75F)
  • Approved by the Civil defense as a replacement for all other extinguishers like powder, co2, foam
  • Used for fires of classes A, B, C, F & Electrical installations in continuous operation up to 1000 volts